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Great Charter Books Series


Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing information about riveting charter school books that communicate the beauty of charter school education for students. These books demonstrate the struggles, the pain, and the hard work that legislators, teachers, parents, and administrators put into the charter school movement. As a tribute to the dedication and ingenuity of charter schools, the books described in the upcoming blogs will provide a strong history of the charter movement in general. Please make sure to check back for the book information and consider reading the history of charter schools.

Zero Chance of Passage

Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story by Ember Reichgott Junge discusses the long journey of the Minnesota Legislature in passing the nation’s first charter school. Ember illustrates her journey as a judge promoting the charter school movement. This book discusses the battles that charters had to face in the legislature and in the communities. Questions that spur from the book revolve around the animosity between public schools and public charter schools. Ember provides an exciting account of the creativity and legislative prowess necessary to create powerful laws that protect charter schools.

Charter School Board University

Charter School Board University by Brian Carpenter provides a basis of training for School Boards members. The book provides tips for leadership to function effectively and productively. Dr. Carpenter references the fact that governance and management intersect. Financial troubles are the main reason why schools close, thus placing financial health on the top of the list for a board to manage. In the world of schools, it is vital that student performance is the main focus driving the entire board. Dr. Carpenter provides an engaging text that will provide extreme benefits to board members.