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MACS, Minnesota Association of Charter Schools, is an association that promotes high-quality education and charter schools in Minnesota. The advocacy provided by MACS to charter schools allows the schools to stay open and thrive. On the MACS website, there is an advocacy page that details the story of Minnesota charters, a Toolkit for Advocacy, and State/Federal information. If you are interested in reading the information in great detail, here is a link to the page. MACS also provides extensive resources for charter schools to utilize. The website in general is filled with valuable information that should answer any questions you have regarding the organization. 

MACS Events

MACS maintains a detailed calendar of events that is published on their website. The calendar lists the dates, times, locations, and links to registration. The page is very well-organized and offers many opportunities for training to school professionals. The page is linked here . MACS provides many opportunities for professional learning depending on the needs of individuals. Check the events site to get involved in professional development!!!!

MACS Awards

The Innovation Award recognizes the ingenuity present in specific charter schools. The law in Minnesota states that charter schools are supposed to be the forerunners of creativity and opportunity. Futurelab, a nonprofit that supports charters, defines innovation as “the successful exploitation of ideas, generated at the intersection of invention and insight, which leads to social or economic value.” Children need their minds to be stimulated in creative ways that produce ingenuity. The Innovation Award looks into 5 criteria: increased learning opportunities, innovative teaching methods, innovative data analysis, new accountability, and new professional development. MACS invites charters to apply for the award each year to highlight their ingenious practices within charter schools.